Artificial Intelligence in Marketing


Want to know the current FIFA match scores? Search in Google and it reverts with the exact information. AI makes all this possible with just a click.

By now, all the techno-geek marketers are aware of the term “Artificial Intelligence in Marketing” (AI in Marketing).  Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft. have already sieged their way in AI.

Marketing industry is a rapid changing industry that has taken the digital world by storm. You would mostly think AI Bots would replace humans. However, in turn, it is making marketers and their team’s lives easier by making them more efficient and cost-effective.

Content creation

Content marketing is a vital element of marketing. It does not directly advance a brand but gains interest in the product or service. It could be in ways take the form of videos, blogs, and social media posts. A simple example of content creation would be that of filling up a form or signing up for a newsletter.

A study says that by 2018, equipment’s that are AI driven will generate nearly 20% of the entire business-oriented content. This ensures leads to driving profitable customer action.

vr business in 2021

Seamless user experience

Think of a scenario where a person would spend 10-15 minutes with your ad and recommend to his/her peers and colleagues. We are all sick and tired of listening to those mundane long songs, the customer support play for us while they put on hold. AI bots understand various dialects and accents for best results. It interacts not like a computer but like a real human would. The best part is they give you the best solutions and suggestions.

According to a recent study by Adobe, consumers spend nearly eight hours per day consuming digital content across multiple devices.


To gain a deeper knowledge of your consumers, you will have to monitor what they think, say or feel. We generally would visit a store for a visual contentment. AI would allow us to sit back and enjoy a more personalized experience such as placing an order through a fingerprint or face recognition. Such instances lead to fixing problems
before they occur and hike the sales margins.

AI uses algorithms for billions of data points to develop a pattern like:

– Geo-tagging

– Past conversations

– Referral sources

– Buying behaviors, and more

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Social media reach

The growth of media – shows that consumer trends can have far-reaching effects even within a short time span.

AI has already buzzed in the social media industry. Facebook and Instagram are regularly changing their algorithms, to get all relevant information on top of our timelines. AI wins at ridiculously improving user experience with its additional features of sentiment analysis, voice and image recognition.

Marketers – You must let go off all apprehensions of AI as it has so much potential. You can see it already, with entertaining chatbots that can actually solve urgent problems. In a word – if you want to make better decisions and create more impactful content, AI is certainly your best shot.

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AI with eLearning signals a huge evolution. For example, interactive quizzes and tests now lead to better learning outcomes. It is no surprise to see a better degree of participation and interaction in such interesting eLearning programmes, thereby upping the trainee’s industrial skills and knowledge at an exponential rate.

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