How marketing is revolutionized with Virtual Reality (VR)?

Every business venture is special for the person who conceptualizes, ideates and innovates it. Quite naturally, promoting your products, solutions or services happens to be a crucial necessity. It’s the key to earning high profits and huge ROIs. Effective and targeted business marketing happens to be the need of the hour and it’s right here that entrepreneurs are being awed by potential Virtual Reality (VR) holds in meeting this objective.

vr business in 2021

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It is estimated that the revenues are set to explode 10 times by 2021. Current global virtual-reality revenues are hitting $7-billion mark in 2017.

Emergence of VR

There has been an evolution and steady growth in business marketing techniques over years. Digital advertising and online marketing have replaced traditional forms of business promotion.

Tech giants like Samsung have come up with unique VR devices that can build instant connections with your phone. As a result, business owners, product developers and marketers have the opportunity to reach out their products to their target market with better efficacy and greater impact.

vr users in 2020

Revolutionizing the future of marketing

If market statistics are to be followed, an average of 2 out of 5 individuals between 16-34 age brackets, love to use VR devices. This group is interested in knowing about a particular product or service in real-life environments through innovative and life-like experiences. Even the marketing function being revolutionized with the help of VR. Interested to know how? Then read on to find out!

1.Better video marketing experience

Virtual Reality enables you to view a specific event right at that point in time. You can actually feel being present in that place even when you are not present physically. With virtual tours and 3D experience, the video marketing collaterals are becoming more engaging. It also helps marketers to explain their products better.

View through VR

2. Targeted advertising

An enterprise owner can create VR applications that highlight the selling points of his service or product. Targeted customers will catch a glimpse of that and know how the product is going to work in real-life situations. Imagine the value it provides for industrial use in risky scenarios like fire-fighting. That’s a huge impetus to use VR in your marketing goals.


3. Engaging and immersive

Immersive experiences and virtual environments leave indelible impressions on the minds of every individual. VR headsets can give them that quintessential edge-of-the-seat experience, which can boost their marketing goals. Check out how Marriott’s ‘Teleporter’ creates the perfect 4D experience for researching a room or a property virtually before booking it

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Emotional engagement is important

When a consumer starts developing the emotional attachment to a particular brand, it becomes easy for the business to reach out to them. In simple words, leads get converted to real customers by utilizing VR in the marketing process. With the rapid growth of the VR technology and the inclusion of VR headsets in business marketing, the future is bright for brands who use VR in marketing. Get on-board a trusted expert like CHRP-INDIA to accomplish this goal.

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