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For companies that offer virtual reality solutions in India, the practical applications are virtually limitless. It is no surprise that VR users are expected to touch 171 million worldwide by 2018.

Virtual Reality Users

From training and entertainment to life sciences, telecommunication, and construction, the practical applications of VR seems to pervade multiple verticals. Out of these industries, the training and learning industry has benefitted the most from the immersive experience provided by VR content.

Benefits of using VR for training

It’s real

In Virtual Reality training, the employers can actually replicate the real world environment that a trainee might face. You can build a scenario from the scratch and ask the trainee to handle the situation. Based on the outcome, you can decide whether a trainee is fit for a particular job or not.

Practical hands-on training

Hands-on Virtual Reality Solutions India always has an upper hand over the conventional method of training because through it, a newcomer can get to know how to achieve the desired results in a practical way. Importantly, this technology makes learning fun and easy to grasp.

Cost Effective

You can reduce the cost of training the large workforce in heavy engineering, industrial design engineering, medical device training, and education by using VR headsets. Rather than driving the staff to a different location, you can give them training in-house with the VR equipment and digital content meant for VR.

The benefits of Virtual Reality Solutions India are not limited to the organization. It offers immense advantages for the employee too.

How VR training helps an employee’s skills development?

VR training offers a lot of benefits in enhancing the employee’s job skill. It helps them to gain the right knowledge about operating new tools and equipment. With such in-depth and immersive training, the employees can perform the operations as specified. This also helps him to work productively

Industries where Virtual training is using

Virtual Training has become part and parcel of every successful organization. There are various organizations where it is be using.

QSRs and Hotels

VR training is offering phenomenal outcomes for organizations where retrenchment and recruitment are routine. Take KFC’s example: The Company started its VR training in the form of a game. To help the new recruits to gain an insight into the 5-step cooking process. It not only teaches the employees about the cooking method in a fun way.  But also, gives them the benefit of learning the process step by step.


The retail giant, Walmart is also using this technology for new mid-level employees in re-creating the rare scenarios. That would be expensive to create in a real-life situation. Its Oculus headset uses VR to bring to life situations like cleaning up a disorganized shopping aisle or handling holiday rush crowd. The employee can learn via VR about handling such scenarios.

The beverages industries (Coca-Cola), automotive Industry (Hyundai) and many scientific research firms are reaping the value of VR Programs.


It is clear that enterprises need to leverage the expertise of skilled providers of virtual reality solutions in India in order to bring about these advantages. CHRP-INDIA is one such Virtual Reality development expert focused on delivering AR/VR/MR Infrastructure, Software and Content Solutions for Industrial / Engineering industry. We have specialist competencies in addressing the Safety Awareness and Product Demos for Marketing Initiatives.

If you would like to know more about our AR/VR/MR Solutions (or) would like to book for a live demo to experience the virtual reality and talk to our experts, Call us on +91 40 6634 0090 / 91 (or) write to us


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