How Artificial Intelligence will shape the future of eLearning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is heralding new frontiers and continues its disruptive march in fields like education, healthcare, financial industry, and manufacturing. The days of flying bikes and cars seem distant but we are on the verge of some unexpected and exciting advancements being made across all industries. One sector where it has created a tangible impact is the education in general and eLearning in particular.

The biggest challenge of eLearning, the resources involved in developing the content. One can compare the resource costs for content development through eLearning and by an Instructor Led Training (ILT). An hour of online content development consumes anywhere between 49-125 hours whereas ILT costs a maximum of 82 hours.

Although, eLearning solutions are the best option for organizations, some of them cannot afford the initial expenses and AI can prove to be the savior here. Here are some ways how AI is planning to change the face of eLearning in the time to come:

1. Real-time response:

Students frequently resort to messaging regarding any doubts and clarifications. They upload their questions in the online platform. eLearning tools are integrating with AI systems to attend to these questions and give a response in real time. AI can also provide suitable reasoning and other clarifications.

2. Gamification:

Artificial intelligence plays a very significant role when it comes to the designing strategy based and tactical games for the online content. For gamification to embed smoothly into the course contents, all elements of the game have to be planned well. The gaming simulation must have a relevant and interesting content to achieve a good retention rate and course completion.

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3. Natural language processing:

This is one of the most powerful contributions of AI in the eLearning space. An artificial assistant embedded onto eLearning platforms, with which the students can communicate. The assistant recognizes their spoken language, varied pronunciations, and accents, noises in the background, changes in human voice. The AI systems understand the user and comprehend the language spoken.

4. Fast and efficient:

eLearning methodologies incorporated for a fast learning experience and an equally competitive learning method. At the same time, the effectiveness will be affected due to numerous tools, logins, and passwords. AI can eliminate this disadvantage by prioritizing the learning process without any hindrances. This is immensely helpful in various fast-growing organizations. When learning becomes easier, employees work show results. They tend to generate more sales, prevent themselves from committing mistakes, and deliver better consumer satisfaction and much more.

Along with the changing world, eLearning solutions implementation is also changing rapidly. There is a great potential for AI changing the scene across all industries and the time is not far away when things are accomplished in a way which is currently difficult for the human mind to comprehend.

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