Common mistakes companies make while developing their eLearning content

Organizations that are successful in their eLearning Solution platforms are those who are taking an ongoing approach. The best eLearning platforms are fluid and need to be constantly managed. As industries and technology are evolving swiftly, the concept of eLearning can be outdated and ineffective if it’s viewed as a one-time static program. An outdated training is of no value.

Remember that eLearning is not a “set-it-and-forget-it” concept. It must always be evolving!

  • Lengthy content

The course length has to max 40 minutes, this is the rule we adhere to for any eLearning course to keep the learner engaged. If a course consists of text-heavy information, it is usually the case, where learners cannot grasp all at once. The theory states that: Readers have a certain capacity to retain what they read.

To do: Break up the course into paragraphs or bullets for easy understanding. Make your content creatively appealing to engage your audience. Emphasize more about the objectives of the course.
For example: Do not create Ph.D. level data for a beginner’s course. Use easy, relatable language to interact better.

  • Images and statistics

If your course includes a combination of text boxes to images, audio to videos, you need to have a naming convention for all your assets. This can make your job much easier when updating any future courses. Thus, saving your time, money and hassle. This way you can focus on getting in a new business rather than searching for folders. Only textual courses could be mundane. Visual imagery and sound add life to your course, making it interesting to the learners. Knowing your sources and providing data is the tricky part.

To do: Use of more statistics can help back up your point. Use reliable sources to make your statement bolder. The use of visually appealing imagery can be quite effective. Try to have a solid script, impressive visuals, characters, short segments, and high-quality sound. While designing the courses, ensure that the pictures are on-topic and appropriate.

  • Including interactive Feedback/Interaction

Common mistake designers do, while designing eLearning courses is that they do not make use of interactive elements. Interactive elements increase the engagement of learners and certainly improve their experience.

To do: Use music, real-life stories, interactive scenarios, infographics and other interactive elements throughout the course to make it more interpersonal. At the end of every chapter, including a test, which would have evaluation criteria at the end for them to be on the same page. Their feedback is prime. Help them make your course even better by giving them the wheel.

  • Use of Traditional learning

Classroom training is very different from an eLearning course. How often do you remember dozing off during a boring lecture in school?

To do: Create fresh content and avoid using more of theoretical approach. eLearning solutions offer personalized experience through stories and engaging learners with interesting content with the help of media.

The A-Team: A successful online training program requires people with these types of skills and understanding of technology:

Project management: Coordinate the design and delivery of the eLearning courses

Performance consulting: Help the organization to identify the training needs and suggest the best solution

Instructional design: Craft a relevant learning experience to meet the course objectives

Graphic design: Determine the visual design and develop the graphics assets

UX design: Create the user experience

LMS/IT administrator: Manage the course and access to it

While this is, by no means, a complete list, it will offer you the opportunity to evaluate and assess the future.

eLearning projects ensure that they are always on-target and deliver the best possible
eLearning experience.

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