How Virtual reality is used in Forklift training?

Workers in warehouse, especially forklift operators need a lot of practical guidance, training, and awareness about the industry rules before operating the forklift. A recent survey reveals that annually, about 100,000 injuries are caused due to the inappropriate training of the workers engaged in the Forklift process.

A well-thought-of Forklift training is a sure shot way to lessen the number of causalities and equipment damage costs, thus rendering it a safe and secure process of lifting bulky machinery. How good it would be if there would be a way to impart the training without the associated risks of newbies operating the heavy machinery?

Virtual Reality says why not?

The rise of virtual reality training

Virtual Reality creates an immersive and engaging environment to meet the learning objectives by enabling an opportunity for the employee to practice on a test course.

How it works?

The concept of virtual reality is usually simulated environment that can be experienced by a person in a similar manner as real life. The person experiencing a virtual reality program may be able to look around as if they are actually present in the scene they are looking at. They may also be able to move objects in the virtual world and perform certain tasks. This concept aptly captures different scenes, locations, and environments. Such programs include movement, headsets, and special gloves that eventually allow the trainee to interact with the objects included in the program.

The video provides good insight about the training and also helps in learning about

  • Driving a forklift through a warehouse
  • Loading, travelling, lifting, and unloading cargo.
  • PPE measures like wearing a safe seat belt
  • Using of controls
  • Top causes of accidents and virtually experiencing them as an operator

A well-equipped Virtual Reality program will help to bridge the gap between quality and useful forklift training to any construction & manufacturing worker. This system will be more relevant and handy as it will speak directly to those employees undergoing the training.

Thus, we can safely say that using the trendy concept of Virtual reality, the Fork lifting training sessions can be more effective and emphatic for organizations.

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It is important to ensure that the immersive experience driven by the technology is built tactically so that the stack of hardware, software, and content can come together in a beautiful confluence of effective learning. For this a capable VR development partner like CHRP-INDIA would be a great business move. Our in-depth domain experience works in your favor and we create bespoke content to deliver unique experiences for your own specific training and learning requirements.

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