VR training: The KISS concept

What is that thing, which you always wanted to do but could not? Is it swimming with dolphins or traveling to Mars?

Does it sound unimaginable? What if there was an easy way to achieve all this and much more?

Virtual Reality training (VR) offers all this by keeping its promise to deliver you such a wild experience within the comforts of your home.

Building a coaching strategy could be a punishing and meticulous procedure — all parts need to be chosen and mixed to supply an efficient combination. Moreover, the coaching ought to be informative and fascinating for employee’s, members, and supply an ultimate guide for organizations and businesses.

In other words, it’s all about keeping it simple. The KISS principle also popularly known, as “Keep It Smart and Simple”, is the key design to virtual reality training. The end-user does not worry much about how much effort is endured to create something unique. All they want to know is if it is useful for them and how.

As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it well enough.” VR training helps you to deal with complicated problems in a flexible and clear manner. This makes life for non-tech savvy users also understand the given interface and navigation channels. Every employee ought to understand a way to use the coaching, wherever to click, a way to log in and so on.

What VR actually does to you…

  1. BELIEVE: It makes you identify the unreal. For example, it can really make you feel that you are in Mars.
  2. INTERACT: You can watch a 3D movie and feel like you are living the moment. However, are you really interacting with it in any way? VR moves with you.
  3. EXPLORE: The VR world is vast and extensive. Unlike reading a book and having a lateral point of view. The author is the only one wants you to imagine.
  4. IMMERSE: To interact and make you believe, VR uses both your body and mind.

Therefore, you must emphasize the essential data by creating excerpts of the precious content that has to be remembered. You will need to create a presentation and embrace it within and send it right when the virtual coaching is happening. It facilitates learning of the knowledge and helps to commit it to memory throughout the operating method.

Moreover, you will organize screening sessions from time to time: for instance, once each few weeks of virtual coaching or once a month or perhaps when covering a selected topic.

Simplicity could be a key style principle. The simpler one thing is to know and use – it creates a bigger opportunity with KISS. It is also vital to not build things easy so that they compromise the practicality of the ultimate style – users can brook a touch quality if it enhances their overall expertise.

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How CHRP-INDIA can help your business training

CHRP-INDIA has been working on Virtual Reality technology applications for Industrial Design and Engineer industry since early 2013. We have an excellent combination of industry know-how, a dynamic team with extensive experience in gaming and non-gaming simulations.  We offer customized AR/VR solutions for training personnel on how to operate machinery/equipment, safety procedures, troubleshooting and maintenance procedure, etc. And developed VR/AR/MR applications with UNITY Engine for multiple delivery platforms with our prime choice being HTC Vive for VR content.

Through our extensive research in the last 5 years, we have acquired the knowledge and know-how of the emerging technology and hardware platforms to design tailor-made AR/VR/MR solutions for Industries.

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