How Utilisation Of VR Simulation Is Beneficial For Business?

There have been various useful aspects in providing training using immersive technologies like VR solution, as it helps in developing better human capital for various businesses across different functions. Employees too have emphasized more on good quality training as the number one employee satisfaction factor, rather than receiving a salary or best food at the workplace.

By utilizing VR reality training, organizations can ensure that they can augment their bottom line and get a competitive edge by adopting VR into their scheme of things. Check out some examples of the business advantages derived by companies bringing VR into their organizational strategies:

How VR training will help the company’s growth?

According to a survey from the Institute for Work & Health, workers in their first month on the job are more than three times as likely to undergo an injury than those who have been working for more than a year.

Companies can use Virtual Reality training solutions to simulate the real-life work situation instead, without putting employees or the business at risk. Early research has shown that VR training can effectively increase workplace safety.

VR Training can save money

It makes sense that piloting an airplane in VR would cost significantly less than flying the actual thing. But you may be surprised to learn that VR training simulations can save your money compared to traditional eLearning courses.

Research by Brandon Hall Group found that when you take into account factors such as the drop in insurance and injury-related costs, the fewer production delays, and the declining price tag associated with the equipment, VR can save businesses more than $2,000 per training program.

Business growth accelerated by VR

Virtual Reality training provides significant benefits for certain business so as to enhance their growth in the future. These could be explained through the process of a program called Seedling in below steps:

  • A major step is taken by Insomniac Games using Seedling a landscaping VR app to effectively integrate animation with the real world. This helps to have a good interaction of the virtual world with a physical one.
  • This process allows the users to take responsibility to care and grow the plants to access their value
  • This program allows the users to grow the seedling at the table, desk, and floor

By following these steps, seedling helps in bringing significant changes in the landscape designing by:

  • Allowing the users to design their virtual landscape with plants as per their choice
  • Provides the users to have an experience of seeing the growth of mature landscape at their workplace

To sign off

The use of these onboarding strategies using Virtual training would help companies to provide an elevated employee experience. This, in turn, enhances the level of customer experience driven by a motivated team of employees.

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