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It is said, “Technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want.” Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are ideal examples of it. These technologies find its application in various sectors like gaming, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education, jewelry, etc. It has also laid a path for the Architecture domain.

VR brings a new meaning to the Real in Real Estate

Have you ever wondered how this technology can assist in a seemingly unrelated domain like architecture? Well, it is possible. Virtual Reality training  has the power to transform bland architect models and renderings into unique, refreshingly immersive experiences for the decision-makers. They get a better sense of how individual components would look, feel, interact, and function in a finished residential or commercial property.

The buyer doesn’t need to visit the property physically. They can choose the one they like by touring them virtually. Within a matter of minutes, the buyer can have a 360-degree view of the interiors, exteriors, surrounding areas, and 3D walkthroughs of different properties. This way, with VR, he can make a decision whether to buy the property or not.

VR for Architects

Right from design mock-ups to walk-through, VR allows the architect to project his Building Information Module to the real estate developers in the most effective manner. Even if we look beyond marketing the project well, an architect can get a lot of assistance from Virtual Reality. He can get valuable feedback on the look, functionality, and overall experience. This can be integrated into the final design deliverable for demonstrating a superior quality workmanship.

Additionally, showcasing the design rendering and 3D models to multiple decision-makers becomes an efficient process. VR assists the architect to communicate an idea with impressive visual aid with the decision makers.

VR in Interior:

Instead of drawing, explaining or imagining the visuals of a room on a bumwad, one can blueprint the actual view of the room by using Virtual Reality. This visual aid allows the architect to grab the end user’s attention. With VR technology, it’s quite easy to bring the client into a highly immersive environment – right from the level of opening/closing of doors and turning on/off the switches to round the clock view of the module.  This will help to obtain lucid feedback on modifications that an architect needs to work on to improve the level of engagement and satisfaction by the end home buyers.


Based on the concept of seeing is believing, these advanced technologies have the power to turbocharger the real estate business.  It is actually revolutionizing the real estate sector by solving the challenges of renters, investors, agents, etc. In short, VR is transforming the world of real estate sector for the better.

If you are looking to transform your architecture deliveries into a stunning life-like 3D model then opting for VR solutions from a reliable company like CHRP-INDIA is essential. Our custom learning technology company designs and develops a range of VR-based content and deliveries. They include online, mobile, instructor-led training content, Virtual Simulation Labs, and Gamification.

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