How Augmented Reality is Implemented in Marketing

It’s quite understandable to be overwhelmed by Augmented Reality thus far; it doesn’t seem to become practical and any interesting in the mass market way until it can it go beyond placing 3D objects on the tables. So, what’s really the hype around Augmented Reality?

Nevertheless, there was a time when the existence of Virtual Reality had been getting the same reaction. Earlier, Virtual Reality didn’t seem to impress much apart from being useful for advanced gaming systems. Yet, with time, virtual reality progressed and seemed like an extremely viable option commercially, with really virtuous business advantages. Similarly, AR may seem really expensive right now with options like Microsoft HoloLens, but the future of Augmented Reality Solutions promises to be really impactful with its seamless integration into our day-to-day lives, making it easier for us to perform tasks. With steady advancements in computer vision, which enables the software’s to see and comprehend the surroundings using sensors, cameras and artificial intelligence, AR now seems to assure to take off.

So, why the sudden boom in adoption? Here are the three reasons:

– One of the biggest reasons why AR has been a huge success is because it uses smartphone technology in order to get people to interact in the real world. It enables innovators to do this seamlessly and hence, it has gained acceptance as the “next big thing.”

– Another reason why AR is powerful is that it has the ability to place digital content in the context of the physical world; AR seamlessly combines the physical and digital world

– AR has the ability to improve the buyer experience which is certainly the most crucial factor for any brand. Stores can tremendously benefit from AR to improve their customer experience and also provide a little support to their employees on the floor

Augmented Reality Solutions in comparison to Virtual Reality Solutions appears far more practical in many ways since it does not completely isolate the user in an entirely virtual world that is detached from the immediate reality. While these marketing applications exist, at the same time they’re extremely impressive in presenting AR’s real potential.

Examples of Augmented Reality in Marketing

1) Formex Tryon – Luxury Watches

Formex Watches is one of the company that has already embraced AR technology in their business model. They are the first ever Swiss watch brand to offer its customers the opportunity of virtually trying out their watches through their AR app

2) Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia adapted its augmented reality technology that facilitates assistance to connect an expert with its field technician to solve any sort of complex problems. It allows people who are in different locations to share a live view of the same environment. The Vuforia Chalk app is available for iPhone and iPad users, absolutely free of cost on the App store

3) Pepsi’s Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi Max in collaboration with AMV BBDO is giving its commuters an experience of a lifetime with their augmented reality technology enabled initiative which is a part of their #LiveForNow campaign. The brand here has leveraged stunt-like instances where the tiger is seen walking right up to the bus stop window or a metro crashing.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

4) Test drive a Volkswagen Car: Within a print Ad

In an impressive and first-of-its-kind test drive within a print Ad experiment, Volkswagen in Norway developed an app using Augmented reality that allows the users to ‘test drive’ on the road and can also test three variant features of the car – adaptive lights, cruise control, and lane assist.

These non-gaming applications of AR  show the massive inroads the exciting technology has made in different sectors. Which one is your favorite AR application? Do write to us and let us know.

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