Top 3 Pitfalls you need to be aware of when converting ILT to eLearning?

Instructor led training solution (ILT) has been the primary mode of training for many decades. But with the rapid proliferation of technology in our lives, even the traditional ILT approach is fast evolving into a completely different realm of online training or eLearning. With great Smartphone penetration, eLearning solutions and lower broadband costs, this evolution are completely disrupting the age-old instructor based learning model. Online training offers remarkable engagement and retention for learners and hence it is fast leaving behind ILT in almost all industries.

If you are working with legacy training materials of Instructor Led Training Solution, then it makes perfect sense to opt for conversion of the ILT into online training materials. Going digital comes with its advantages of anywhere anytime learning methodology and simultaneous session rollouts for the global workforce. Hence, many companies choose to make a transition to online training.

However, with this transition, there are some challenges that you need to be aware of when you are entrusted with converting an ILT to eLearning solution. Here are some common barriers that obstruct effective transitioning of ILT to eLearning courses.

Lack of clarity on ILT material to be collated

An ILT course content is made effective with the subject matter knowledge of the instructor that augments the textbook knowledge. In the case of PowerPoint slides, there is no way to check the most effective version.

To redress this issue, you need to spend time with SMEs and other stakeholders and understand the most relevant points on the subject or topic and assess its quality. This will help you collect the right material needed to switch to eLearning solutions.

Differentiating between the ‘nice to have’ and ‘must have’

ILT courses combine with the verbal instructions and notes of the trainers can lead to a big resource pool. It may become difficult to accommodate all of these into the new eLearning programs.

To resolve this issue, first, come up with the course objectives. Based on this, you can decide, which parts are absolutely essential and which ones can be left out (or made to secondary content). Such secondary content can come up as learning performance support materials.

 Integrating activities into digital format

There are a lot of classroom activities like group discussions, quizzes, surveys live demos, and worksheets. It becomes difficult to come up with apt ways to move them online without losing its context or relevance.

A good eLearning expert can help you out with this. With improved technology, it is impossible to add almost all types of activities to the digital format. For example, interactivity like drag and drop and ‘click to reveal’ can be used to mimic the functioning of a quiz.

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To wrap up

It is important to factor in these challenges and gets an expert to overcome these before making the move to eLearning solutions. A dependable eLearning partner like CHRP-INDIA can help with this important objective and in obtaining incredible ROI for converting your ILT to interactive eLearning programs. Call us on +91 40 6634 0090 / 91 (or) write to us at this mail ID: to know more about our Custom eLearning Solutions.

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