Mobile Learning Strategies For Corporate Training

Mobile learning for corporate training refers to the anytime, everywhere training that is available on mobile devices. However, It is a “multi-device” training that is offered to the learners on the gadget of their choice, including tablets/ Smartphones. It’s right here that effective training and in-depth learning turns out to be crucial.

Statistics suggest

Statistics reveal a crystal clear picture in this case. Almost 47% of business ventures are leveraging mobility while introducing their training modules. Corporate training and e-learning has reached great heights today. Organizations not only strive to create mobile-friendly learning materials but also believe in the inclusion of mobile workforce within teams. Identifying the right strategies and tapping into profitable avenues is crucial. Here’s a quick look at the ways that make Mobile based learning solutions useful.

Strategies worth following

Creating comprehensive and custom eLearning solutions can benefit organizations across industry verticals. It’s imperative to devise and work out strategies that help business owners train their resources as well as keep their bottom lines intact.

– Leverage Micro-learning

Short, crisp and nugget-based corporate training within the formal enterprise structure will help employees to a great extent. With the help of PSTs, learners will get the best opportunities to apply and implement the acquired training.

– Introduce video-based learning

Creating a comprehensive and well-developed learning path is the key to integrating all the crucial learning elements. You have to leverage the power of video and realize its multidimensional usage. From explaining concepts or solving issues to creating learning summaries, video-based learning aids can help in various ways.

– Gamification for better engagement

Corporate training can be engaging and fun too. The prime emphasis is to generate new ideas that make a difference for the organization. Introducing serious learning modules with the help of innovative games can be a great option. Team leaders can use them as corporate training aids as well as formal training tools.

– Facilitating collaborative training

Mobile groups can be leveraged to share, recommend and promote learning nuggets. You can use these resources to popularize the effective channels of informal learning as well as support formal training. The collaboration will depend on your enterprise needs and workforce dynamics. The learning capacities of your human resources will determine the training modules.

– Customization and personalization

Granular learning paths in micro-learning modules help in developing personalized training programs. This can be beneficial for the organizations who wish to empower their teams and develop them in tandem with enterprise goals.

– Implementation across verticals

From performance-based training modules to collaborative and social learning, mobile strategies can be implemented across training verticals. If your objective is to eliminate performance silos, mobility and mobile technologies will be the go-to resource.

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